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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
Yeah, I was wondering about that. Legal limit in Canada's 500fps, so I was sorta curious about why retailers would try to market a "sniper" rifle that has the same capabilities of a normal gun.
I dont recall any retailers trying to market any type of sniper rifle that has the same capabilities of a normal gun.Besides, getting hit with an airsoft BB going 560 fps is very diffrent from getting hit by a 22 short going 560.

Originally Posted by jaa View Post
Someone told him you were not allowed (on some fields) to fire at someone at less than X meters away since the high muzzle speed might injure someone.
Its not just with an airsoft sniper rifle, that goes the same with any airsoft gun, you call out for a mercy kill, some people dont, but if your running a hot gun and you light some one up in the face with a 3-5 round burst at near point blank, guranteed you may be ejected from the game or your gona get punched in the face.

Originally Posted by jaa View Post
And why would you need a spotter if you can't hit anything further than 200m anyways?
Because a spotter is handy to help you

A. Cover you in twigs , leaves and foliage.
B. Cover and support your ass in a close fire fight. Especially if a sniper doesnt carry a anything more than a pistol as a side arm.
C. Keep you company and watch your back when your sniping and focused on whats infront of you, sometimes you dont know whats comming up behind you.
D. Be bait by sitting about 30 feet ahead and chain smoking singing quotes from H.M.S. Pinafore

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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