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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Febreeze actually does do more than just scent the air. But anyhow, YAY LIQUID BLACK HOLE! Haha.
A little off topic, but I am waiting for Febreeze to cause cancer or some horrible disease/reaction. Honestly, you should not be spraying everything in your house that you touch with a chemical.

On topic, I think items sold as new that smell like smoke are indeed damaged or at the least not "new". It does warrant negative feedback because I am sure the description does not say "Has that "ripe old 80's car used by a chain smoker for 28 years" kinda smell" A new item should come to you as it came to the retailer from the factory. If indeed these products came from the manufacturer (or is he the manufacturer) in such condition, he should not be accepting them to resell, or should at least warn customers.
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