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I'll have to take pics of my full cadpat kit but here is a little taste to get you wet. This will be my marksman loadout:

Basically my loadout for 2008 at least in CADPAT TW will be as follows:

- Dropzone Ops Pants & Shirt
- Dropzone Recce Smock
- CP Gear Cadpat Shirt (When released)
- Issue Boonie & Aftermarket Boonies
- Custom Tiger Tactical Vest
- ICE Tactical Battlebelt & Suspenders
- CF Issue Wet Weather Boots
- CF Deerskin Gloves & Sage Green Flight Gloves
- Various CP Gear & Other Pouches
- Custom CADPAT Ghillie & Rifle Wrap (poncho and pants)
- Replica Bowman Headset
- CADPAT Balaclava
- CP Gear Holster

And a few other things yet to be ordered or not mentioned as of yet.

As for weapons King Arms M-14 EBR which is still waiting on a few minor parts and for sniping will be using above ghillie with my APS/2

Time to work on Multicam....shit
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