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Talking The Official "Gear Porn" Thread: (56k Beware!)

As a musician in some threads, I LOVE to include pics of my collection, my babies, mods, etc...

I think it'd be great to do this here! Post some pics of your gear, and model numbers. The idea I think does a couple of things:

Noobies - get to see REAL airsoft guns/suits/mods, but also get to see some of the models and such that might LOOK appealing to them, so they know what to look for... and it helps reduce some of the questions. *maybe not a LOT but every little bit helps.*

The Rest - get to show off a little bit. I'm honestly noticing that there are threads all over the place, but I've been trying to look for pics of guns, just to see them... There's no 1 central location to see everyone's weapons.

I'd start, but I'm not at home - I'll get some pics and post them for sure though definitely! is a site that can be used for free picture hosting if you don't know where or how.

So Friends, Airsofters, Country-persons... - SHOW ME YOUR GUNS!!
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