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...By the way; The one you have is not a Well Warrior 1, It's a Both Elephant gun... They're actually the exact same gun coming out of the exact same factory :P....

BE and Warrior 1 guns are made in the same factory, Buyairsoft doesn't know shit about dick (RIP tourettes guy).

The only difference is that the Warrior 1 has that on the side, and they use an ungodly poweful spring (sometimes in the range of 500 FPS +)
18 year old Amos,
There are some big difference between the Both Elephant L96 (mars13) and the WELL L96. Before purchasing my L96 (WELL- from BuyAirsoft.Ca), I noticed this same little disclaimer that was mentioned earlier about their version being the WELL Warrior, and not the "lesser quality Both Elephant brand". This made me start searching, and sure enough, through MANY different reviews, the main two differences between these two DIFFERENT GUNS, manufactured in DIFFERENT FACTORIES are as follows-
Both Elephant L96 to WELL L96-
WELL has a metal support frame under the barrel, Both Elephant's is PLASTIC
(Internals are also constructed with more plastic where the WELL model would be metal).
Both Elephant velocity is typically 100 FPS LESS than the WELL version.

Do your research and get your facts straight before posting false information and obnoxious remarks.


P.S. A spell check before posting is also beneficial to making what you have to say actually look worth while.
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