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I hate that smell also. I swear, I can smell it on people in malls or walking down the street. I'd hate to be stinking like that in the field.

I picked up a Burton jacket from ebay and it stunk of ashtray so bad. I washed it over and over with no luck. It stunk everything it touched. I had to bag it. I drove to work with it tired to the bed of my truck for a week trying to air it out.
In the end, I purchased a $3 bottle of lemon juice, a jug of vinegar and 2L bottle of coke. Put the jacket in the wash basin, poured the coke on it, left it overnight, rinsed it with water, and then soaked it in lemon juice and vinegar overnight. tossed it in the washing machine and let it dry. Smelt fine.
Not sure what did it, but urban myths with cleaning always involve pop, lemon juice or vinegar, so I used all 3.

febreeze dont do shit. unlike the commercials tell you, they dont lift dirt and make it dissapear....WTF, its not like your spraying liquid back hole.

The stuff is water with a slight perfume that you all pay big dolla for.

as for the cat, Id put a stop to any sales threads until he gets it sorted out...honestly, Id rather buy something that you pissed or shit on then have to deal with that smoke smell.
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