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Originally Posted by Krusty View Post
You can ship firearms throught Canada Post including Restricted Firearms (Handguns). You don't have to sign a declaration unless its leaving Canada. In fact because most private carriers started to deny firearm shipments they had to open up the shipping to include all firearms inluding Prohibited. But no explosives (Ammo).

Half correct. You can ship firearms (including restricted firearms) using Canada Post's most secure method*, Priority Courrier with Signature.

*Canada Post has declared Priority Courrier with Signature to be their most secure method, although it is debateable as to whether it's any more secure than Xpresspost. Therefore, any other method is technically against the law**. This is only really a concern should your package not arrive and you initiate a claim.

** An individual may ship a firearm by posting it only if

(a) the firearm is a non-restricted firearm, restricted firearm or prohibited handgun;

(b) the destination is within Canada; and

(c) the firearm is posted using the most secure means of transmission by post that is offered by the Canada Post Corporation that includes the requirement to obtain a signature on delivery.
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what if it model after his?
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