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ive dealt with unc, wgc, war4 and redwolf.

Good prices, if the part was out of stock they will backorder it (free shipping on backorder parts if the first bit is already shipped)

Larger parts lists than UNC, but if the part is out of stock, they take your money and just give you credit. I hated this since their stock/outof stock is very unreliable and its very rare that they get stock on the more uncommon items. Other than their large selection of possible items to get, i much prefer ordering from UNC over WGC unless they dont have what i need.

They refuse orders from canadians period. Restricted items or not. Even gearbox internals etc.

Did an order via ray regis + A&A and paid for a p90 in may 2007. I was told during then, that the order was just being held by customs and it just had to clear. I found out october that the order was never shipped to canada in the first place and that it was sitting at redwolf for about 6-7 months and that A&A never received it. Finally, 2 months ago, it arrived at A&A and was supposed to be shipped to ray regis. Ray only received it 1 week ago and will be shipping it to me soon i hope

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