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International Retailer Discussion

Hey... this has probably been done before... But not in the same way.

I'm wondering which retailers you people prefer; and which ones don't rip you off on shipping.

I've got experience ordering from pretty much every retailer. In my experiences red wolf has been the most pleasant. Their prices may be a little high, but their shipping is exactly what shipping is... And I like that.

I've ordered stuff from Den trinity before... I like their selection, they have a lot of stuff other people don't have... But their prices for shipping are ridiculous. I ordered 2 silencer adapters, a hop up bucking, and a battery... And they charged close to 50 dollars for shipping.

I tried to order from that RSOV website... but I'm never dealing with them again. I tried to order 4 magazines for my Type 96, They were the well knockoff magazines (they had a deal, 2 for 15.50), but the catch was they wanted 50 dollars shipping on something that doesn't even weigh 1KG.

So, What've your experiences been like?
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