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HI all!

Did know there was a thread on shootSOFT, because for sure I will be here to respond sooner!!

Almost all of you have sent me question via email, all of you got an answer back, and few got a call at there home! There is in 3 weeks more than 20 guns sold and ship around Canada! I did show up here before, and did not want threads on ASC on are store, because the site is again in beta test!! We also don't have the time to keep are inventory high - We place are command and it already sold before it come here!!

Yes there is mist spelling on are web site!! I ask Geoff if he could help me with that!! French is my first language, I'm not a pro when it time to write in English! This is also why I did not announce shootSOFT before!

It not also my full time job and it take a lot of time to put in place this kind of store. Right now, like it said on the website, the delay is around 10 open days for the delivery! If the order could not be ship for any reason in that delay we will refund the order automatically and call the customer when we will be ready to ship!

Yes the phone number is my personal cell phone!! Iím sure you will understand the fact I have children, and they will not understand your question! OScommerce is a power full script for webstore, that why you retrieve the same template in a lot of store! is one of a lot off my website, like who is a forum for French animator!

No_way was the 3th member from ASC to order from shootSOFT! Is order was ship in less than 48hrs.

shootSOFT, will not have high brand AEG like TM, CA or Systema, there other store who are very good in that! We try to have different inventory from them. We also want to make are sale to beginners who donít want to spend 700$ on a AEG, and for others who would like to have a second or third AEG for a good price! Right now company like Jing Gong make real good clone for the price range!

If you have trouble with your order! Did you see how it easy to retrieve my home addresses and phone!! You have it here in this thread more than 3 times!!, As you said before, more there will be store like shootSOFT, better it is for Airsoft!

Thank for reading me!

ALPHA unit, because there is no one else for that job!
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