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Originally Posted by FurgyG36 View Post
HOLD IT! lol found this on their home page:

"Everything on this site have pass the border regulation and All items on this site are conform to Canadian rules and laws of the land."

Guns potentially not in Canada? This seems to be the case, so either hes got the proper licensing to operate or hes somehow avoided the legal mumbo jumbo allowing him to make lower prices. Or im totally wrong and he means that all the guns he has in stock are legal to pass over the border and are already here...I dunno someone else make sense of it cuz im a retard.
My call, it's bullshit. If you cant tell, check that website again. Check the professional look, the spelling, the fantastic contact options, how the site is built. Then tell me you believe that person has the right permits, or can afford them?
If you buy that load of crap, I got an idea: send me your cash. I'll give you the same promises and results they will, but my spelling will be better and I can prove my age.
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