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Originally Posted by Fire Wolf View Post
i dont think theres any gas rifles. ive never seen any, and spring guns arent very fast for close combat
Just because youve never seen any does not mean they do not exist. I can think of two off the top of right head right now.
Spring guns have their places, and as for speed on a spring gun, obviously youve never slam-fired a mag fed spring shotgun before, because you can rattle off quite a few rounds.

Originally Posted by NDAS View Post
I find it ironic that you told him to get verified 3 times, and yo aren't even verified yet. In the time it took for you to say get verified and to read the FAQ's you could have told him somthing useful.
He's verified, look harder.

Originally Posted by zetoman View Post
Hi there.

Any information will be greatly appreciated Thanks.
Its usually recommended that a person starting off, starts off buy picking an AEG first, so electric would be your first bet. Then after youve played a match, you can maybe tailor your gear and consider picking up a side arm later on, which can be gas or spring. People sometimes look down on spring but they have their places. Usually as sniper files, but spring pistols come in handy when its cold outside, and temperture can drain batterys or screw with the gas in your mags.

Airsoft is an expensive hobby, not meant for everyone, and its not expected that you pick up everything in one night, or buy all your gear in one day. Its something that paitence is a very important factor in. You learn slowly, you meet people, you gain and understanding over time. You learn whats good, you learn whats crap. You gain the understanding of why airsoft is the way it is in Canada and eventually it will all make sense in the end.

Theres alot of info on this website in the frequently asked questions section, but it will be up to you to find what you need. Dont be afraid to ask questions, just understand that not everyone is always paitent with people who ask to many questions, but if you ask me, everyones gotta start somewhere. If something in the faq section isnt clear, go ahead and ask.

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