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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
CP tracking is like this:

Your item will be scanned when its shipped, scanned once it reaches a sorting point like vancouver (not all parcels do this step), scanned once it reaches your home city (although its delivered the same day its scanned), and then its updated once its delivered.
Not exactly. Like I said in my earlier post - with my M15 rifle from A&A. All it said for the 5 days I waited was that electronic details on my package had been submitted. For a couple of days after I received it, I checked the CP site for kicks, and it was never updated. Then about 10 days after I received it, I got about 10 emails from CP at once, all "updating me" on the whereabouts of my package. That's not a good tracking system IMO.

And when I got my G17 from Hellfire, it took 12 days to get to me from BC. Those whole while, the only update on CP's site was that electronic details had been submitted. It was only the day after I received it that I got all the emails from CP again - and it stopped at 2 sortation plants along the way where it was scanned..

Although in fairness, I've never had a problem with CP shipping until the last 2 months or so. Other than the tracking system, it's always been fast and reliable.
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