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You know, I never had a problem with Canada Post until recently. Their tracking system's always been shitty, but never had a problem until recently.

First was a package I ordered from Jugglez (from I ordered at the beginning of December. I live in Kingston, which is like 3 hours from Toronto. Xpresspost should be an overnight delivery (and all other parts I bought from him since have arrived overnight). Almost 3 weeks later, it hadn't arrived, so Jugglez put in an insurance claim and it was settled very quickly, and he shipped me the new parts.

The second package was Christmas gifts I sent to my mother and aunts back east. I was supposed to bring them myself, but had to cancel my trip, so mailed them on like Dec 27 or 28 or something. They still haven't arrived to her. Unforuntaly I cheaped out on the shipping and didn't get a tracking number (like that does any good anyway).

So yeah, BOO to CP for their recent performance. I hope you can get your gun.
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