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Arrow dboys full metal m4a1 review

i ordered this gun from Kastway airsoft for about 170 bucks shipped.
all i can say is that that company is the bomb!!! it got here on x-mas:xmas: so
i was really happy!! it came in a cardboard case with the picture of the gun on the front.

first impressions
the first thing i noticed was that this thing was freekin heavy
this thing is, as it states, full metal!! metal parts are... pretty much everything, metal 1 peice barrel, metal upper and lower reciever, metal trigger and trigger guard, metal mag, metal stock tube, metal gears, metal... everything!!!

when i loaded up the 300 round mag and the 200 round vietnam style mags and charged the batteryi went immediatly outside and started shooting it on semi auto and then auto. i adjusted the hop up and it was unbelievabley powerful and accurate at easily 50 yrds away.

a week later i decided to start customizing it so i went to
and bought rails, vietnam style mags, scopes, red dots, rings, etc.

hop up

the hop up is really fun. almost all m4's have it. it is found under the dust cover which is opened by pulling back on the charging handel.

the battery is a 8.4 volt 1100 mah battery. it is stored in the forehandle and accessed by pulling back the o ring. the battery compartment is a bitch to get open:rrr:

the stock
the stock is made of nylon but the stock tube is metal. it is a 5 posission collapsable stock. very nice.

  • full metal
  • shoots amazing
  • good rof
  • very realistic
  • very sturdy
  • full metal
  • no plastic
  • full metal
  • powerful
  • accurate
  • fun to hold
  • battery compartment is a bitch to get open
  • the mag doesnt fit that well
  • stocks just a little wobbly
  • other than that... none

reccomended upgrades
  • deep fire barrel
  • new mag
  • new foregrip/forehandel
  • new o- ring
  • rails



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