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Brand New to the boards!

Hey everyone!

I'm brand new to the forums and looking into getting into Airsoft.

I'm going to be honest, I don't turn 18 for another 12 or so days, but I wanted to ensure that this is the sport for me before I go out and get age verified and drop a lot of money into equipment and stuff. So far I've found the answers to all of my problems except for one.

The first and most important is that since I'll be entering a time when life gets pretty stupid with university I won't be able to go and check out many events or go to play outside of my immediate area. Since there are no fields in town I can't really play anywhere there. However my friend owns a pretty big piece of land outside of town (he owns it himself) that is completely closed in with a nice cleared area that we think would be perfect to play air soft in. at the very least we can run down to do some target practice. My question being, is it alright to play on his property, as long as he consents to it, and it isn't visible from the highway.

I know the importance of getting age verified, and being in the Sault Ste. Marie area (I hear Franchise quit airsoft) I might have to make a little trip to get verified, but when I decide I'm ready I'll go out and get that done.

Thanks, and hopefully I'll see some of you at an event sometime!
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