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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Here's what I've got in mine.

I've got an Angel 6.03 650mm Tight bore for PSG-1
PDI hopup chamber
RH75 hop bucking.

It's turned my some what accurate bolt action into something that could easily get a 4 inch group at 100 feet. (keep in mind with the Tight bore barrel your FPS is going to jump considerably)
Did you add a different barrel or silencer modification? 650mm seems pretty long to me ;-)

I haven't measured mine, but it was my understanding that I had a 500mm/510 inner barrel *shrugs*

Looks like I'll have to get the measuring tape out lol

edit: I found out that the default barrel length internally is 498mm, so in theory 495-505mm should be just fine.

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