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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
Have you handled both? I am trying to decide between the Maruzen and the WELL versions. The only thing stopping me from buying the WELL L96 is the concept that the plastic body may be thinner and prone to breakage.

It would be helpful to know if both plastic bodies feel the same (In terms of thickness and durability).
Trust me. You wont have problems with the plastic on the well one. I've taken my completely apart and modified it heavily.

The plastic is as robust as TM plastic, I wouldn't be afraid if some one took a 500 FPS gun and shot the body point blank.

Protip: fill the body with low-expand foam insulation when you get it, It makes a huge difference in the noise and gives it a nice weight.

At the price of a maruzen one you could get a 100% upgraded Well L96, and still have enough money left over to start another project.
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