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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
The PDI hopup chamber is a godsend... Although it takes a good 2 hours to put together it's awesome. You can adjust the bb going left and right, so every accuracy problem can easily be fixed by that.

BE and Warrior 1 guns are made in the same factory, Buyairsoft doesn't know shit about dick (RIP tourettes guy).

The only difference is that the Warrior 1 has that on the side, and they use an ungodly poweful spring (sometimes in the range of 500 FPS +)
I've been reading a lot on the PDI hopup chamber... Looks sweet. The one thing that I notice that keeps getting mentioned is that I'll want an AEG Tightbore barrel. I figured I was getting one anyway, just not an AEG barrel - what are some things I should consider when getting an inner barrel?

Also there's mention that the bucking doesn't come with the PDI, so I'd have to invest in that as well.

I'm looking around and doing more research, but looks like the PDI is a decent upgrade for me
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