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Originally Posted by enigmahack View Post
Okay, good to know about customs - I know buying the entire gun definitely wouldn't work, but I'm really excited about upgrading this thing

How were you able to tell it wasn't the Warrior 1? Interesting that they're identical in every aspect however. I remember reading on the site that their "warrior 1" wasn't the "lesser quality Both Elephant Gun" - If they're identical, maybe I'm mistaken that there really isn't any difference whatsoever. *shrugs*

I didn't know I'd need an adapter for a silencer *I didn't actually want one, but noticed that the tip was threaded. Shame on me for making assumptions lol*

So it sounds like you're quite knowledgeable in this field... May I ask you a question besides the one I'm asking right now? lol

I'm considering different upgrades at the moment. I'm not so interested in upgrading the speed - 475fps *approx* is MORE than fast enough for now I think. I'm mostly concerned with accuracy.

My inclination of upgrade in this case is 2 things: Hop-up+hop-up chamber, and a tight-bore barrel.

Do you have any suggestions if I'm right in this case, and if so, any suggestions on what I might consider looking for with the goal of accuracy in mind?

I still think I want a Dee's custom tight-bore 6.01, and I've read a few things about different hop-up systems, but I'm looking for something that would be compatible with my Warr.. uhh, Elephant gun? lol
The PDI hopup chamber is a godsend... Although it takes a good 2 hours to put together it's awesome. You can adjust the bb going left and right, so every accuracy problem can easily be fixed by that.

BE and Warrior 1 guns are made in the same factory, Buyairsoft doesn't know shit about dick (RIP tourettes guy).

The only difference is that the Warrior 1 has that on the side, and they use an ungodly poweful spring (sometimes in the range of 500 FPS +)
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