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Western New York Airsoft 101 Course


For Canadian Player planning to play in Western New York League in 2008

OK, so I know a few of you guys have heard the rumor of the league having a new set of rules and safety guidelines. This is not a rumor.

As of the first of the year we will be requiring you to take a small course covering the rules changes and the safety of playing on the league field. There will be different classes of event we will be hosting this year. There will be a tier system for all games. Some will be open some will require you to have taken the AS101 course.

The course will cost you out of pocket but will include an ID card, and other discounts from the league. It will also entitle you to attend a private game date to be announced when the final schedule is up. The fee is 25 dollars.

There will be events that do not require you to have taken this course. But they will be few. This is for our safety and your security.

The class will be offered many times prior to the the season opener, and every Fri night at the events. There will be a few people that will be certified to teach the class to others, both in Rochester, Buffalo area and Ontario.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Haggerty WNY President
Im now the WNY Test administrator here in Ontario. The cost is $25 US via Paypal or $25 US in cash. The course consists of three parts:

1- Manual (Read at home)
2- Test (In Person)
3- Liability Waver (In Person)

You can read the manual at home and send me a PM so we can meet where you fill in the 24 question test and the Liability Waver. I will take your picture after the test and send both to Western New York League so they can mail your ID card to you.

To sign up for the test please provide the following via PM or email and I will send you the manual after payment has been made.

1- ASC Handle
2- Full Legal Name
3- Mailling Address
4- Age
5- Email Address
6- Team if any.
8- Phone Number

Please remember you cannot cross international borders with Airsoft Guns, AEG, GBB, Clearsoft of any kind. You must arrange rentals on your own I have nothing to do with rentals in Western New York.

IF you have any question please send me a PM. Please don't post.

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