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Ok, will do. I'll run a full set of 10 shots through the chrony with my M24 (might do it with one of my MP5s as well for an AEG perspective) and post the results. And I have access to a 90ft indoor area that I've in the past used to set up my sniper rifles for zero and hop up adjust that I can get some results on a different type of paper. Will only compare your 0.30g with the SIIS ones I have (be nice to have some KSC Perfects as well as TM Superior, but those are beyond your sending to me.............unless yo ubuy some of each and split up among your band of 'researchers', say 100 each or so, for chrony and field use.

From what I've seen, your 0.30g are top notch, and the other night after chronying, I fired off a 5 shot group less than 1.5" at 30ft, which isn't bad, but is about what most BBs do in that rifle in the basement. I can get some results for that as well, test firing, as strict as I can for consistancy between types, etc. Testing outdoors is pretty well useless though for posting results purely because of the extreme variability of nature (why do you think all those "Global Warming" computer models are so inaccurate? Because they couldn't model the variability of water vapour, which is about 95% of the greenhouse gases affecting the way the climate behaves.) I prefer static and consistant testing, cleaning the barrel the same way between shot sets, do all the same time, same light (chrony), same distance, etc.
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