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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I now have a bag of every BB you carry, 0.20g, 0.25g, 0.28g, and 0.30g. Since all are made the same way and to the same quality, I think it'd be good info to have, and would prove/disprove my rule of thumb about 10fps drop per 0.02g increase in BB weight. Overall though, it'd be good to just have some results from ALL your BBs through a relatively consistant gun platform.
If you do that let me know what you need and I will supply it for the research. No point in using your personal supply, and I appreciate the comparisons coming from an independent source. Prior to this main order I had slipped several vet teams some product to test before I committed to a production order and I got the goahead from them on it - which is why you've seen .28 and .30 - But I am still pretty cautious and know that sometimes what may look good on paper may fail miserably in the field - crossed fingers so far the engineering has been excellent and the production runs pretty much bang on the the test runs. I've got most of the major GTA based teams either using my specialty product or the .20/.25gr combo for indoors this winter, so I've gotten a lot of good feedback from them, which is really helpful but most of it is anecdotal, sort "I saw this" or "this happened" but to see it confirmed in side by side comparisons is really important to end users out there, and just reaffirms the investments I made earlier last year are paying off in a better product that will be hard to catch up to.
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