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Airsoft pen, different

Hi, I am making a new thread, just because on the other one is not family appropriate, and my family is around the computer a lot. Anyways, this is not about buying the airsoft pen, or how cool it is. I am making this saying I might know how to make one. I have already thought of the possible flaws, what I need to know is if the gas holders for a gas gun are a seprate unit. If so, I need a picture of it, and if they vary, pictures of those too. I know how to fix most flaws there could be, but starting simple is smarter. I would do this myself but I have to leave for track practice in 10 minutes, and I am not 18 yet. When I get back, I will post how it would work if it can work.

I also would have to ask someone else to make it, because I don't have the propper materials. This is only based on my thoughts, and reading about airsoft guns and such.

back in about 2 - 3 hours.

p.s. don't mock me or anyhting, until you get the facts. Wich still likely need improving.

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