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Originally Posted by enigmahack View Post
Hahaha, I know - What happened is I had the butt stock set up on a popcan and piece of Styrofoam so I could show the distance was less than 2 inches. Then I went to cock it and... couldn't... LOL - Had to end up moving it.

I personally agree with you, I've just seen a LOT of people that are... well less accepting that you and I are. I was trying to humor that audience, while still giving a valid perspective to all other audiences.

Just of curiosity, which part would you recommend upgrading first and where did you go to get those upgrades? I was looking for a Dees Custom 6.01 500mm barrel, but I guess there's still the whole potential issue of getting it across the border. (He was saying that some customs officers see the word airsoft and don't even question, they just get rid of it.)
Don't worry about parts. I order very many parts and they cross no problem. Most places in asia label 'em as "RC CAR PARTS"

Get the PDI hopup chamber then you can use standard AEG barrels

By the way; The one you have is not a Well Warrior 1, It's a Both Elephant gun... They're actually the exact same gun coming out of the exact same factory :P

To put a silencer on you'll have to buy an adapter... I still haven't gotten to the spring / spring-guide assembly, I'm curious to see if it's a 7 or a 9mm... And I'm probably going to have to trim my spring.. With the addition of my new tightbore barrel I'm estimating I'm pushing 550 FPS
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