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Thanks everyone for the super-warm welcome! I'm very much looking forward to getting to know a lot of you and being able to hopefully contribute to this forum

Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
Hey, this sounds like a guy who could withstand being a guinea pig for that certain "new guy test" idea that gets tossed around. We should toss some questions and see how much he's read...

Which gun is better; TM M16(stock) or TM AK47(stock)?
Well, I guess it really depends on what you're looking for.

Stock TM AK47:

65-70 rounds regular Mag, 5-600 rounds hi-cap.
It's been said that the range is approx. 120 feet for decent accuracy (stock)
8.4v battery
No barrel wobble, doesn't flex.

Overall seems to be a good gun, and seems to take kindly to upgrades.

Stock TM M16:

68-70 rounds regular Mag, 300 hi-cap, unless you're referring to the TM M16VN which has the 190 round hi-cap.
Range is also 120 feet roughly
8.4 v battery
Similar reviews - no barrel wobble and no flexing. (unless you have an A2 version, which has some wobble in the foregrip)

So which is better?

Well Greylocks prefers the AK47, so if it's a trick question, that's the trick answer ;-) lol

The real answer though is that there is no "better" gun unless you're comparing TM to Clearsoft... It's all personal preference. Based on what you're looking for, and what you want to do with it will help better determine what you want. It's all about research.

Some guns have obvious advantages over other guns, but it seems that various models seem to have various differences - The A1-A3 and VS all have differences between them individually, so it's hard to say without being too specific

Personally I prefer the look of the M16, but it's pretty big... especially because I'm more of the sniper type. Again - personal preference

So does this pass your test?
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