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Originally Posted by enigmahack View Post
Hey all!

Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself.
My name's Dave and I'm 26, but my handle's Enigma... But it was already taken by someone so I'm using Enigmahack

I'm not TOTALLY new to airsoft... well kinda. I started like some of you with clearsoft, but started to get a lot more serious about it, etc.. You know how those things go.

What I did want to do here is basically get to talk to some people that have more experience with airsoft than I do, and try and find out as much as I can in general because I don't see this hobby vacating me any time soon.

What I DIDN'T want to do is come in and go "OMG WUT GUN SHULD I BYE?!11" because we ALL know how that turns out.

I do live in Halifax, and it seems we have a great group of folks out here, though unfortunately I have yet to meet any of them... But that'll come soon once I get some gear under my belt. Heh. Guess I need a belt too huh?

So yeah - I am pretty new but there are some things I wanted to point out:

Yes, I'm aware that airsoft is WAY different than clearsoft lol
Yes, I know that airsoft can be VERY expensive, and I'm more than prepared to not only accept that fact, but have already shelled out a few hundred to get my feet wet.
I want to be a sniper.


Actually, yes I know - it's basically a position of "Sit and wait" but I quite enjoy that... I'm more into the tactics (not saying you can't have/use tactics when it comes to AEG's, just personal preference) and would really like to be in the background. I'm not much for rushing into situations with guns blazing, though that's also entirely fun as well!

So another thing I'm not going to do is: "OMG WHAR CAHN U GHET TEH WARIOR L69 GUNZPLZKTHXBUY!1111oneone"

Hehe, Yes, I'm a noob. I already have one LOL

That being said - again - getting my feet wet.

Anyway, there's my little intro. Wanted to say Hi, and see what's shakin', tell a bit about myself.
I already am familiar with some of you as I've been a lurker for quite some time, just never really had any gumption to actually sign up and post stuff.

Well, now I do

So to everyone else: What's up?
welcome to your strawberry crack addiction,otherwise known as airsoft.
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