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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
What everyone is curious is performance, performance and performance.

Personally i couldn't give less of a shit what my sniper looks like (VSR, camo paint, and gun ghillie), what i do care about is performance

Doesn't matter if your gun looks superb if you can't hit your target.

Please please please do a review the performance of the gun. I doubt its going to be great but Amos stated its compatibly with top of the line aftermarket parts which is very important.

Overall nice review, it's nice to see that *some* clones actually have a nice looking finish, but lets see about performance
I hope I'm not sounding too vain, commenting only on aesthetics but I've read tons of reviews of the Well L96 and I've yet to see a bad review. So far the verdict is:

-Good FPS
-Good Accuracy, comparable to high-quality airsoft.
-Comes with accessories (albeit low quality)
-Computability with the Maruzen counter-part's upgrades
-Great value in general

-Feels a cheap, body is clearly plastic-y
-Lack of quality control

Not that I think the accuracy and FPS sucks (I'm sure its great stock) but as far as I can tell, most people buy snipers and heavily upgrade them anyways--Replacing almost all of the stock internals.

It is a great gun for the value, though ~400-ish is sort of pushing the envelope when TM guns are only approximately $100 more. Other (crapsoft) retailers I've seen retail the WELL L96 for approximately $300-320 CAD.
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