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I wasn't impressed at all with the scope however. The gun would shoot perfectly straight without the scope at all, but when I actually USED the scope, the scope was aimed WAY to the left... I couldn't figure it out. Also, the windage/elevation adjustments didn't seem to do anything either.

This is where my noob-ness to guns comes in: I had the scope mounted wrong. The top has writing on it saying that it's a 3-9x40 scope... well, I had that on my LH side. (The whole scope was rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees)

Once I realized this, I adjusted, put it back and suddenly everything was finally working *EXACTLY* the way it's supposed to. In fact, from about 30 feet *which isn't much, I know* I could not only hit a very specific target, but I could hit it several times precisely. Let me show you what I mean:

This target is about a foot tall, and it's got a kind of sticky surface so that when you shoot it, bb's stick and then roll to the tray below.

Well, I was shooting bb's on it, and kind of doing a "robin hood" type deal where I'd split the previous bb in half, with another BB.

From 30 feet, hitting a 6mm bb reliably seems impressive to me. Maybe it's expected from a standard rifle and I'm easily impressed... I'm interested in doing longer-range shots...

Okay... because of my apartment building situation, unfortunately I don't have a range longer than 30 or so feet in any given direction without shooting out a window (which I'm not about to go and do) so I went right to speed tests. I have vids for those, using the poor man's chrono.

Before I get to that, I want to show that target I was using after shooting it less than 50 times with the L96:

I have other guns, but they max out at around 315-320fps, so when I saw this I was like... !!!
All I could do at the time was giggle thinking about how powerful and accurate this gun was lol (I didn't even care the target's broken, I'll buy a new one and just reinforce it better before using it) And needless to say, the wall behind it has several NASTY dents where I've shot straight through the target. I'll have to fix that before I move out lol

Okay, moving on to the chrono vids.

Firstly, this is my first "real" airsoft gun and even that's a cheap Chinese "faux" rifle, but it's more real than any of the other airsoft guns I have; I will fully admit to being a noob in this category. However, I'm a reasonably intelligent person and would like to believe that I am still able to contribute to this community, and I will eventually become less of a noob with more exposure to the sport.

Secondly - The quality sucks because I'm using my girlfriends camera (Some Canon S3 IS zoomy camera thing. I just know it takes pretty pics and video lol) so I apologize in advance - hopefully it works well enough.

Lastly - I have a DAMN squeaky floor and didn't really realize how bad it was until after having shot the video. I apologize for that too. lol

Okay, so here's the first vid:

(These vids were encoded with Xvid, however were sent to Youtube so they should be automatically converted to be compatible - let me know if any of you can't view it for some reason)

I wasn't surprised at all to see that it had gone through both sides, especially after what it did to the other target I had previously used.
I had also mentioned in the video that there were some online forums/resources I used. This is the main one that gave me the idea to do the poor man's chrono and how to do it.

This was the bottom shot - based on other peoples results, I expected it to go through, but not totally dent the top of the can. I was starting to like what I saw here.

I'll be honest - I was disappointed, simply because I figured it might go through the bottom edge... only to realize that I wasn't 100% sure that I fully understood where exactly the bottom edge was. It was worth a shot either way, and made one hell of a dent (on both the can AND the BB)

Here's basically what happened here:

I felt I needed to explain the details of the bb's, so I started with that, and then decided I'll do all 3 shots in 1 vid.
I wasn't entirely sure exactly where to shoot sometimes, so I tried to explain enough and if someone can update me, I'll re-take some shots to try and provide more accurate results.

Shot 4: In the vid, I was extremely surprised that it didn't go through. Did it on a different can offline, and it worked just fine. (Notice the silence while I sat there going WTF lol)
Shot 5: Wasn't sure it was the right spot, but it left a massive hole so that was cool.
Shot 6: I missed somewhat, but I also don't know that it was the right spot I was trying to shoot. It was cool as heck to look at though because you can totally see where it looks like it "pulled" the metal back as it was being fired... very interesting. I didn't at all expect it to go through, but interesting results regardless.

Damn squeaky floor.

The vid cut off after me basically saying "I didn't hit it directly on, and I don't know if we're supposed to or not, but ... "
" but I'm going to post this anyway, and have a look online and see if I can get some clarification for further testing."

And that's when it beeped to say you're done lol

Further testing will follow, including a longer range accuracy test/series of tests, as well as testing for heavier bb's.

IMO, I don't really like using .20 for this gun - it seems almost too powerful for those, so I'm going to get a bunch of .25 from Tristan and see how those work instead. I was also considering going to a .28 or .30, but I'm thinking I want a tightbore barrel first before that happens.

In the end:
Weight - 4.5 of 5 (Heavy enough, but not a burden to hold)
Performance - 4.5 of 5 (I'd give a 5, but I think there's always room for improvement
Accuracy - N/A (I haven't been able to do long-range tests, but as of right now, it would be 5/5 based on my experiences with short-range shots)
Simplicity - 4/5 (Even a noob like myself was able to very easily take it apart and put it together. Just don't ask me to set up a scope lol)
Reliability - N/A (I haven't had it long enough yet, but so far, it's been rock solid.)
Willingness to Recommend - 4.5/5 (For those who are more experienced, you might have preferences about these toys already... but for someone in my shoes who's new, I highly recommend this item)

A&A Airsoft:
Shipping - 4/5 (You get what you pay for - I paid 25$ or something and got it to me in less than 7 business days from Alberta I think it was.)
Customer Service - 5/5 (Awesome. Simply put: Awesome. Fast to respond, honest and makes things happen.)

Final thought:
Awesome gun. I can't say enough. One minor thing I forgot to mention though is make sure you take the little allen key and tighten all the little bolts in the stock. Almost every one was a little loose, and needed just a gentle twist.

If you have suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, etc.. please feel free to message me here, via IM at (MSN) or via PM.

Thanks for reading!
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