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Thanks Scarecrow, I'll give the full auto thing a shot. Both my MP5s are upgraded (stock TM barrels) and shoot very tight groups at my measured 30ft basement range. Generally I can squeeze a low cap into a 2" group at that distance, mostly doesn't matter what weight I use. And what you have found with using 0.28g and 0.30g is reinforcing what I've been telling people all along, heavier BB (up to 0.30g) are far more accurate and consistant than lighter BBs, no matter the range. They are much more stable, period. Even for effective range they rock (although lots of people have tried to use math to say that lighter goes farther........... without actually SEEING that they are wrong............... as well as those that try to use math to say that heavier at slower fps hits about the same as lighter at a higher fps........... have never experienced getting hit by anything than light BBs at games, if those that use the math to overcome lack of gaming experience). Heck, just this year there were some complaints from newer players about some of us using "hot" guns at the Foxden, because when they got shot it hurt more than they were used to at Toronto games. Automatically they assumed over 400fps guns. What I pointed out was the fact that a LOT of experienced players that had sub-400fps AEGs had switched over to your 0.28g BBs this year and love them, hence getting hit harder with a sub-limit gun. Was something a lot of people never even thought about. Leave it to someone with a sniper mentality, studied and experienced, to point out the not-so-obvious.

One thing I'd like to do for you Scarecrow, is run all the little Bastards I have through my M24 in one sitting, even if it's 10 shots each. Thanks to Testie (and the wife, she bought me a bag of 0.25g and 0.28g BBs for Xmas as well as one of your mini batteries for my secondary MP5), I now have a bag of every BB you carry, 0.20g, 0.25g, 0.28g, and 0.30g. Since all are made the same way and to the same quality, I think it'd be good info to have, and would prove/disprove my rule of thumb about 10fps drop per 0.02g increase in BB weight. Overall though, it'd be good to just have some results from ALL your BBs through a relatively consistant gun platform.
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