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Interesting results CS - I find the deviation numbers very very interesting. It supports what I've been saying about the extra little things I've done to my batch to give those who are interested in accuracy an extra edge with the .30gr product.

CS if you get a chance, have a look at full-auto burst on target at distance and measure groupings - I think you'll get some *very* interesting results there as well. I've observed in my less than scientific testing that I get much more consistent on-target man-sized groupings with the .28 and .30 product in particular. In one case I used Molson's brand new stock TM M16 with .28's (pre-30 product) and compared them with some .25 AE product and the on-target distance grouping I got made Gump and I grin like we'd just discovered fire or something, heheeh. I'd love to use a .30 setup in a CQB environment with stock AEG and AEP/GBBs. I suspect the ouch factor will be good, but also the accuracy at CQB ranges will be improved as well.

I'm going to beg off a Scout meeting some thursday in Febrary and come down to Splatters to give it a shot, I just need to borrow a stock gun to try it.


Just to give you some idea of my personal use on this product (.30gr)

I'm going to be fielding my M16A4 long rifle this summer, which features a 6.01mm tight bore, boreup cylinder, systema super torque ups, silent piston kit, polycarb piston, reinforce gearbox with the post hack and a EG1000. I am going to move to a MOSFET trigger system and push the package with a 2300mah NiMH 8.4v bat (yes thats right , 8.4v - the MOSFET will give me the efficency I need to make the 8.4v give me 9.6 performance). I am setting this package up with front and rear flipup iron sights and by default a 3x magnification Elcan clone with a quick release and a Harris bipod with quick detach on the rail. I'll be putting two kinds of mags into this - VN lowcaps with .30 and full sized low caps at 33 and 70 rounds respectively.

From a mission point of view, I can take up the sniper role, go with the VN lows and play a sniping role on semi-auto. Then, if needed I can dump the Elcan and the bipod, flip the iron sights up and go to the 70 rounder and play the infantry role - with .30gr as well. So, this gives me the best of both worlds with one round. I have an accurate sniping solution as well as a n infantry solution all in one package - no secondary PDW required and I can go lone wolf without worrying about taking a sniping rifle into a messy high volume ground attack or defence. So I did these rounds with a little bit of self interest at heart.
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