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Scarecrow, here ya go buddy! I give a very large yay, you'll see why when I'm done with my initial post on the Airsoft Snipers forum regarding your new 0.30g.

Originally Posted by Stalker

Anyways, I got a bag of the new BB Bastard 0.30g BBs last night (thanks a tonne Testtube, my local Bastard, and Scarecrow, the head Bastard), and have some interesting info. As many know, they come in small (apparently custom made size, Scarecrow thinking about snipers and how little we carry and how little space we have to carry it) bags of 1000 count.

Anyways, Last night when Testie was over (and Hazard, lots of gun work going on), I set about chronying the new 0.30g Bastards. I used 0.20g Bastards to set a reference point because of all the M24 work I've been doing the past week (BTW, wrap your hop up rubber in plumber's teflon tape before you insert into your hop up unit, this eliminates any air leak under the rubber itself, as well as any chance of ballooning.......... rough estimates look like I gained a 20-30fps increase from my particular setup). Unfortunately the only BB I had to compare the Bastards to were the stock of SIIS 0.30g. Check out the interesting numbers I got:

Bastard 0.20g BBs:

Average: 508.0fps

Deviation: 5.3fps

SIIS 0.30g BBs

Average: 438.0

Deviation: 10.6fps

Bastard 0.30g BBs

Average: 456.4

Deviation: 5.5fps

So, just those rough tests of a small portion shows that the Bastards are MUCH better made, a larger size, better consistancy. And, to give Scarecrow a little poke, my general rule of thumb regarding rough fps drop per BB weight............... (why can't I remember or find the damn info, something along the lines of a drop of ~10fps per 0.02g increase in BB weight.......... Crap!!!!).

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