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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Well, so far, this review is leaving me feeling really good about this gun. I've read a couple of really positive reviews on it so far (Redwolf's being one of them) and was impressed.

But your attention to fine detail to date has impressed me the most. I'm looking forward to the next parts of the review. Thanks for taking the time to do all this and reposting it here.
You're welcome Reviews for it do seem a bit thin on the ground so Im more than happy to fill the gap.

I have to admit Im surprised at how little attention the Real Sword guns have got thus far from a reviewing point of view, especially with the initial batch selling so quickly. Thats usually the cue for umpteen zillion reviews of a gun to descend on forums

I'm guessing the Redwolf reviews have maybe put some buyers off from doing reviews of their own for it, though I always feel a review from a buyer who's spent their own dough usually has more weight to it than a retailer one (that might gloss over issues etc). Credit where its due though - the Redwolf reviews of this and the Type 97 are accurate and extensive.

Anyways if anyones got any questions on the gun they'd like answered feel free to throw them into the hat - I'll try to either answer them directly (or at least incorporate them into parts 3 and 4 if they're regarding takedown or performance/accuracy)
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