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ya it will be my site, and i am just awaiting my order to arvive from hong kong. and yes it will clear customs, I have the proper documentation. I just dont want everyone to get all up in a bunch about a new place to buy our beloved airsoft. if you have any questions pm or email me at my or Im not trying to take away from where you buy your airsoft, A&A has always been good, I use to get all my stuff from good old Tru-Mart. I just simply want to be able to get product to the players.

please contact me for any information.

i figered i would make a post befor some ones else did.

I didnt mean it to look like a third party if that was the impretion you got, if you want to know about something why not just ask the person who posted it.

Questions / answers

Elite Suppplies ( my store) will not be taking any type of pre-order of any kind. or group orders, we will only sell what is in stock. Please wait till the store is open befor you judge. I am clearly stating that im not trying to make you change where you buy your airsoft im just trying to give people the option of non clearsoft, good quality product for a fair price.

I love the game and have been playing it for longer then I have been a member of Airsoft Canada Im not an active poster but do like to read what gose on and have wanted to get my own airsoft store for a long time. I know how this forum works and has always worked since i joined....Flame after Flame after flame every time a person people dont recognize posts. so that is why i havent posted any information till now, my site is having work done and just didnt want something coming up on a google serch and then having it get bad press befor it lanches.

and please if you have any questions pleas contact me.

PS. I use to be highly involved with the area51 fieald in Tillsonburg and still periodictly visit with ken the old owner the area 51 is under new ownership but Elite Supplies is working on a grand opening game there free addmition Elite Supplies picks up the tab. all you need to bring is your grear and ammo

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