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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Hypnos, read what I just posted and Ex-royal's link. There's the law as it was applied. Right or wrong, it was applied in a Court in that way.

That ends it in my book.
That is my point exactly. It is not written down in the firearms act that air soft is prohibited for those under 18, but when air soft goes to court it is handles as a prohibited “replica”. So, even though it is not written in law, we should, under our own discretion, treat them as prohibited replicas.

But, we cannot in force that here or anywhere, but we can say “Look, I know what it states in the law and I know the hassle that the courts will put me through,” and with our own responsibility in mind, can deny helping or encouraging an underage person in obtaining and owning a weapon. We can under our own discretion, kindly let the underage person know that the courts see them as prohibited even though it is not written in law, and that is why airsoft is in a grey area. This is what we need to be teaching the underage person. “We can help, but honestly the potential hassle in this grey area is way too much.”

I totally agree with no underage persons being able to purchase or own an airsoft weapon, but I cannot enforce that and neither can this web sight. But as a free person I can express my views and give back up like the link greylocks provided. This is the type of information we need. Though the information may not prove it one way or another (though it depends on how you interpret it), at least it is information. We need much more info because all we really have is a law full of holes that is confusing, and gets everyone frustrated.

I say let this debate end for now. Give it 6-12 months where people can submit articles pertaining to air soft, good and bad, and let’s post them. If we don’t have any info then why start this debate again when we have nothing to back up. The underage people keep asking us to back up what we say, how are we suppose to do that when we ourselves really don’t have enough info to back up what we say to each other. We have a grey law and one court instant. We need more.
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