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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Illusion, from 2 pages ago. I dont remember the exact court case; it was either Kuramae or a guy caught in a drug sting who also happened to have airsoft.

So since I dont remember which was which, all that stuck in my mind was that part of the charge mentioned Replicas. Wether that is the right thing to do or not, that's what the legal charge was.

So, in my book, if they use that as a charge and leave it up to you to argue with a Judge... I'll use at least the Replica laws as a guideline when I make comments.

I too will do that until something else comes along to change my mind. Why? Because since the enforcement people seem to bring up Replica or Prohibited Devices when they charge someone about airsoft, then it only makes sense to use their standards.

Who can have a Replica or Prohibited item in their possession is crystal clear. Getting them is another discussion because nobody here should be able to do that.

Minors getting guns:
IF your parents bought one for you, IF you only use it under their supervision, IF you only use it at authorized places, IF you DONT own it or access it when the parents are not present, then OK.
How many minors do all of the above?
Grey, a CHARGE is not a RULING. Let's make that clear.

Until somebody gets criminally charged and convicted for owning an airsoft gun, we have no grounds. We have SEIZURES of airsoft guns that were attempts at importation whose decisions were backed up with replica law, but there are no criminal charges AND RULINGS that we are aware of.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
well I don't think it is your job to ban users for asking questions... Neither is it the forum's job to enforce the law.

It is underage players parents jobs to supervise their kids when they are using airsoft guns...not yours... or anyone elses..
Exactly my point.

Anyways, my conclusion from this thread: Because there are still no clear-cut answers (despite the cases shown, they are cases of someone having their gun seized and the CBSA backing up their enforcement as they always have), I can not outright act against a minor for speaking of airsoft ownership.

Until the law comes knocking on ASC's door to tighten that up, or until we read in the newspaper about LEO's knocking down a 14 year old's bedroom door for having an airsoft rifle in his possession, then I can not outright enforce the idea that it is illegal for a minor to own an airsoft gun. I'm not for the ownership of the guns by minors, but where there's a will, there's a way. I'm more for the idea of doing our best in educating minors towards ownership rather than feeding them with false laws as scare tactics.

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