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Originally Posted by Hypnos View Post
Why can we all just get along????

So I can see Illusion’s side of the story. He does not want to become an air soft commie by pushing rule/ law in this website that is not pushed in the firearms act. When he wants proof, he wants federal proof, and no one can show, “Regulation 54, Act 7, Paragraph 22, Line 13; Airsoft is illegal for those under 18 years of age” So because it is not a law being pushed by this free country we call Canada, he will no become a dictator and push it on the web site.

That being said, it is a pretty close fact (though I have not been able to find any newspaper clippings to uphold this fact) that every time airsoft goes to court, it is categorized as a replica, and replicas are illegal for those under 18. I don’t care how a replica is defined or the question of if airsoft is replica, all I care about is when the time comes that airsoft goes to court, it goes to court as a replica and you will be charged under replica law.

So though airsoft is not “illegal”, and by rights we cannot push that you have to be 18 to own one, we can as adults realize that if we do something stupid, we will be charged under the replica act. Most underage people cannot or will not think about this because of two reasons, 1) They are kids and really don’t know about the law yet, and 2) They are kids so what could the law do to them? That is why you should be 18 or older, because with adulthood comes responsibility and punishment as an adult.

Underage people that come to this web sight asking where to buy an airsoft gun, and get told you are under age you can’t, but then don’t listen really have no right to get info from us. If that underage person keeps pushing the fact and says “well fine, I will smuggle it in from the states”, really should not be getting any ideas from our threads. If that underage person that keeps pushing cannot spell worth crap, really shows the point that if they cannot spell, cannot read big words like legislation and prohibited, and should not own a gun that is in the grey area of law where many of these big words are.

5) Can we as an association with knowledge and privileges with airsoft act like a mature and professional association with knowledge and privileges?

The law is for and against us where it is in a grey area. In other words, they law cannot help this debate, and that is the reason why we have freedom. But I believe it is our responsibility as mature individuals to guide underage people in a mature manner to give them information and get them interested in airsoft. We need something on this website that we can say, “look kid, your not listening, go here and read this, then come back and ask a question, before then, we are not talking to you anymore.”

As this thread has proven, there is no easy answers to some very easy questions and until we start having more info on it on this web site, this debate will never end. We cannot answer Illusion’s simple question because the law in place is full of holes, thus it is not simple to interpret. So we need to start gathering info and placing it on this website. If we have a thread of “airsoft in the news” that would be a great place to start an underage person’s learning experience along with ours. Only then can we maybe come close to answering a question in a grey area. We need to find some black and white information.
Well said, Airsoft in Canada will always remain an underground sport, until our government are ready to be as understanding as the British, Japanese or even the HK government where there is an actual law drafted regulating the sales and usage , we have to be conscious on who we allow to have the privilege of playing this game. We as an association/club have no right to determined what minor can or cannot do because there are no laws regulating Airsoft but I do believe that some sort of CONTROL AND REGULATION such as having a minimum age requirement is a good start.

Some of us have been playing since we were 10 yrs old with springers and we were always constantly told or guided by other older players on how the game should be played and how to conduct ourselves, we listened. Maybe the culture is different here than in Asia where minors tend to obey the elders a bit more than their north American counter part. Things before this site was created used to be so much simpler when there was only a few dozen of us playing, Newbies learned from watching the game and asking question live in person. WHY CAN'T THINGS BE THE SAME??? WANT TO KNOW ABOUT AIRSOFT ?? THEN GET OUT AND AWAY FROM THE DAMN COMPUTER AND GO TO A GAME ASK AN OLD FART THE HOW, WHAT, WHEN, AND WHERE AND LISTEN. OBSERVATION IS THE MOST SATISFACTORY ANSWER YOU ARE GOING TO GET ABOUT AIRSOFT.
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