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Holy crap, you're still around and posting questions that have been bludgeoned to death? Colour me unsurprised...tabernak.

If it's caught, any future imports of any sort will be more likely to be inspected and delayed/seized, even when innocuous. Same with cross border travel. You likely won't have to spread 'em, but expect to get some extra attention in the way of searches and even longer delays.

With the amount of parts you're throwing onto a JG rifle, I'd suggest you'd be better off just getting a better quality AEG to begin with. Also, good luck getting any body to canada for under 40 bucks. Unless it's mislabeled - which it's against the law - it'll be subject to taxation and duties up the arse. Any body selling for 20 bucks can't be all that great to begin with.

I'd personally advise you ship it in a clear ziploc bag to save weight, but that's just my vindictiveness showing.

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