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You realize that there is a section for topics such as this.

Having just gotten verified, its not a give and take kind of thing. Verifiers are busy people and usually don't have time to meet people. You want to get verified, you goto them. You have been trying to get verified since the end of September, you have to find the time to go to one of them, even if it takes an hour or three.

I wasn't sure of the process, so I took the afternoon off one day and went to my verifiers work. Inconvenient to me, yah. Easy on the verifier, yep. Time it took me to contact and meet up with my verifier was 1 day...Not bad for a verifier who is banned from the forums.
You may need to drive an hour and a half, but think of it, in 3 hours you could be done...Considering you have been trying since the end of September, 3 hours is not bad at all.

You could always offer your verifier some petty cash and a coffee to meet you closer...It all depends on how bad you want it.

I have been looking through some of the game threads at Ottawa games, and its not uncommon for players to make 8hours(Toronto to Ottawa and back) drives for a 6 hour game. There was even one guy who flew from Australia for a game.
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