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Well, how can you ban a user for getting a gun? Most of the time, we don't know all the details behind the "ownership" if it that at all. I know quite a few players out west who play with their kids, and their kids "have" a gun, but it really belongs to their father.

We sort of had a similar discussion in the Age Verifier's section, and I recall saying that it's better to have them a part of the community and be able to influence actions or educate, than to toss them out and leave them to their own devices (not a good idea).

But I do agree with restricted access. All the classifieds should be age-verified access only, parts, gear, everything.

If the community has rules that are more stringent than the law, what's wrong with that. Would it be better to have the law more stringent than ASC's rules? The community has done a pretty good job on keeping gun sales out of sigs, cleaning up the classifieds section for improper gun sales, etc.

What more can you really do?
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