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this is the analogy I use

Airsoft guns exist in a quantum state..

Their status under the law is only evident when observed... what is observed.. depends on how it is used..

when we ( airsofters ) look at airsoft guns we see legaly owned items used for recreation.

When the police observe our use of them they see the same thing...

When police seize airsoft guns in drug raids... they see prohibited devices possesed for illegal use.

the item itself is of little concern to police unless used for illegal purposes.. this is why the law focusses on proliferation.. and pretty much ignores possession.

It is also why the trade of these items within our community which is perceived as "proper" use of these items by police is tolerated.

Because it is tolerated does not make it legal... any more than police not arresting you if they find you with a joint on you.. makes smoking dope legal.

Here is another analogy... I am over 19 so I can own as many bottles of Scotch as I want... but if I drink one and get in my car... I have now comitted an illegal act... despite that .. my scotch collection is still legally owned.
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