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Because the CCC has NEVER classified airsoft guns as replicas, hence, the confusion and why airsoft remains "grey." Although law enforcement knows about these guns, they are kept in the grey zone because they know the guns are primarily used as tools. As usual, there are aways idiots who use these tools as weapons just like idiots use scissors, pencils and screwdrivers as weapons. Are they prescribed as weapons by law? No... because they're primarily tools and not weapons.

The CCC prescribes replicas as a NON-FIRING replica of a real world firearm. Airsoft does not fall under this category as far as law enforcement goes (NOTE: CBSA IS *NOT* THE LAW!) Law enforcement is more likely to handle airsoft guns as airguns rather than as replicas.

Because airsoft guns aren't clearly defined as replica firearms, they do not clearly fall under the same rules as (replica) firearms laws.

The only exception is when an airsoft gun is used to commit a crime - in which case, the offender is now charged with weapons charges. This is a fact that I think everybody agrees on.

So the challenge still stands: make me a believer, and I'll enforce it across the board. Until then, I won't be banning minors for saying they own an airsoft gun. That's just stupid in my eyes if they're treating it with respect.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying I'm for minors owning airsoft guns.
Minors do seem to be more likely to cause trouble with the guns and act irresponsibly with them, but I am more for educated and responsible ownership and handling of airsoft guns than I am of banning the guns from a minors hands altogether. There's always a bad apple in the bunch, but don't let that one bad apple spoil it for everybody.

Regarding the argument about airsoft guns being ruled as "replicas": If this argument holds true, then why hasn't law enforcement shut down AirsoftCanada's private sales forum? I think 99.9% of the sales that go on through there are made by people who don't own the paperwork to transfer replica firearms. AirsoftCanada advertises its buy & sell as Canada's largest. It's open and out there. It's not a secret. Law enforcement officers even participate in that area.

Just like Greylocks says that many laws regarding airguns that have been quoted don't apply to airsoft, likewise, many of the laws that have been quoted regarding replica guns also don't apply to airsoft.

I do recall the Pacific Mall shop case (Kuramae was the shop name) and I recall something about the charges being related to replica firearms, however, the final ruling and conviction information has never been mentioned as far as I can recall, and I don't even know if the case has even gone that far, yet. Do you, Greylocks?

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
The definition of replica firearm fits airsoft to a T. It'd be extraordinarily difficult to argue airsoft as anything else.
Except for the glaring fact that replicas are classified as NON-FIRING replicas whereas airsoft guns can fire? This is why it's not so clear-cut.

Ultimately, the point of this thread isn't to argue the existing 18+ rules for buying & selling on our board, nor is it to argue a game hosts' right to restrict their games to players. The purpose of this thread is to get people to stop harassing moderators to ban or slap down minors who ask or talk about owning airsoft guns and to also get these same people to stop providing false information and belittling minors who talk about airsoft.

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