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Originally Posted by GOD View Post
Sorry I'm still unclear.

CO2 Pellet guns that are widely sold fall under the replica umbrella or are they something different entirely.

What is the absolute best ruling/classification that this community is looking for?
The laws for pellet guns, however, are very clear. Airsoft are not classified as pellet guns. So the pellet gun laws dont apply.

The only laws I've seen applied refer to Replica or Prohibited Devices, depending on the mood of the officials.

I'm siding with Brian. Read his few recent posts.

No, I have not found that court case that was posted here (I think last year) because I dont remember enough of the title or subject to do a proper Search. I'll return the same question he has: show me where it's written that a minor CAN possess a Replica or Prohibited item without the supervision of the owner when it's obvious that you must be over 18 to acquire one (if we use the Replica definitions).

By the way: Buying, Giving, Trading = Acquiring. It comes in your possession in a permanent manner. Loaning under supervision is not possession.

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