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The quality of the legal advice and understanding of how Canadian federal and provincial law works in this thread is utterly deplorable.

There's far too many erroneous statements in everyone's replies to point out one by one, but to answer Illusion's question, "Is it Illegal for a Minor to POSSESS an Airsoft Gun in Canada?" the answer is "no."

I have based this answer on the premise that the hypothetical minor in question resides in Ontario and have also ignored any considerations as to how the minor many have acquired the airsoft gun in question.

Of course, Illusion's question can be answered with a simple yes/no since he's asked a very simple question that gets at a very small subset of law. Many of the points about transfers are quite correct.

In what I read here, The Saint and Brian McIlmoyle are the most accurate in their statements; you can get pretty near the state of law in Canada if you combine parts of their various answers, add a few qualifiers and clarifications and discard some of the minor points that aren't quite right in the way that they've been positioned.

My buy/sell rating.

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