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Originally Posted by GOD View Post
CO2 Pellet guns that are widely sold fall under the replica umbrella or are they something different entirely.
As long as they do not meet the required muzzle energy/velocity figures to qualify as a real firearm AND closely resembles a real firearm, they are technically replica firearms. They haven't be hit quite as hard by CBSA and such because of an oversight, but that could be changing.

What is the absolute best ruling/classification that this community is looking for?
Ruling is not particularly good for us, too easily changed considering how unfriendly the current language is to being interpreted in our favour. Same with classification, airsoft gun fits under replica firearm perfectly, we're better off leaving it there. Best possible thing? "Other than a replica firearm" be amended into CCC 99, 100, 101, 105, 106. Or replica firearm be added to a list excluding certain items as being prohibited devices. Or the definition of prohibited devices has line "(e) a replica firearm" removed. Etc, etc.
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