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Originally Posted by GOD View Post
-Are airsoft guns classified as replicas?
The definition of replica firearm fits airsoft to a T. It'd be extraordinarily difficult to argue airsoft as anything else.

If so federally or provincially?
It is considered a firearms matter, so federally. Incidentally, replica firearms are not and cannot be firearms by definition.

-Does case law exist that has set precident in an airsoft case? Did the precident deal with aisoft specifically or the use of airsoft to perpetrate a crime, or with large scale distribution and importation? Do the police know and understnad the law?
Airsoft does not exist as a legal definition within the criminal system, because any abuse of it would be classified as abuse of replica firearm/prohibited device.

-What bearing does age have on these laws?
Technically? None. Authorization to acquire and transfer prohibited device is basically impossible for individuals to get, what authorization floating around are limited to businesses in the film industry for the most part. Since no one regardless of age can get said non-existent authorization for transfer, age is a non-issue.

In addition, under the Criminal Code, possession of replica firearm is not illegal, period, with no age conditions attached.

-Can airsoft be grandfathered?
No, for something to be grandfathered, a specific clause for it must exist in the Criminal Code. To the best of my knowledge, there is no such clause for prohibited devices or replica firearm. The Fact Sheet from CFC might sound like a grandfather clause, but it's not actually based on one.
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