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Originally Posted by quick90 View Post
Pretty ironic considering you aren't age verified and you are posting on this site.
True, I am not age verified. However, having said that, if age verification is a prerequisite to using this site, then I will hop in my vehicle, take a drive to New Westminster here in the lower mainland, see Colin and have him verify me. To date I have not done that because I do not have a need to.

Originally Posted by quick90 View Post
Many airsoft players in Canada are under age 18, and some fields/arenas allow players 16+ to play. Shouldn't the 16 year old player who plays with a club be able to post on internet airsoft forums. Sure I agree 18+ classifieds are a good idea, but after working for an indoor airsoft arena there are many players aged 16-18 who are old enough to play, and should be allowed to post on these forums.
As for the above statement, what I am saying is that perhaps ASC should be self governing until such time as any irregularities/inconsistancies in the legal system with regards to airsoft are cleared up.
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