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It seems to me that there are a numer of questions that must be systematically adressed to really understand this issue.

-Are airsoft guns classified as replicas? If so federally or provincially?
-Does case law exist that has set precident in an airsoft case? Did the precident deal with aisoft specifically or the use of airsoft to perpetrate a crime, or with large scale distribution and importation? Do the police know and understnad the law?
-What bearing does age have on these laws?
-Can airsoft be grandfathered?

These are a few of the questions I could think of, and as you can see it's hard to answer the third question without adressing the first two. While I agree that a professosional lawer could shed light on the subject it would simply be thier personal interpreation of a set of rough regulations that hopscotch thier way around the true issue.

As I understand airsoft was designed in Japan to fit through a loophole in thier firearms control act, aparently it does the same thing except our hole is square and airsoft is round.
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