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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
I've just seen several posts covering the confusion. That's the problem; confusion.

I can interpret what I read one way, or even several ways. What I heard interpreted the most was that airsoft were replicas, and then that replicas were considered prohibited by certain branches of the government.

So, since the day one of us winds up in a court may happen, and the entire thing wont be fun, I interpret using the worst case scenario. So I base my comments on what relates to prohibited devices. Those I'm sure you cant buy or possess unless you are over 18.
That too can be interpreted.

Some of you see it differently. Nobody can really tell who is right, and that is a problem I wish was finally resolved by the government In Writing.

A court ruling works for me, it's the only legal comment I ever heard that was written down. Now I wish I could find the damned thing or remember the thread.

Now, as for the general guidelines of this community, I suggest that it is perhaps time that the admins setup some guidelines to clear the confusion strictly pertaining to the ASC website. For example, 18+ only to be able to post on this site. This would follow in line with 18+ being able to play at sanctioned games. New users to this site should perhaps be restricted to the FAQs for the first "while" and the reading of the FAQs should be a prerequisite to full privledges on this site.

Obviously even those that have been members of this community for a long period of time cannot give an accurate answer as to the questions at hand. So, lets not give out inaccurate information but perhaps curtail that information to those that are of age to use this site.

My thoughts only.....
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