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Originally Posted by Oberst39 View Post
In reading this entire thread and others which I have participated in, I think that the only true way of knowing the answers to these questions is to obtain a legal opinion from a practicing attorney.
While you're on the right track, attorneys interpret the law, and their interpretations are generally what people go to court for. I think a well written email or snail mail to the government department directly involved in the legal aspects of the original question would be more fruitful. However, they've been hesitant to offer anything concrete regarding airsoft in the past.
Also, talking to a store owner who got raided might be another idea, to see what charges were filed in relation to the seizures. I visited Matty at Warcraft Games over the Christmas holidays, but he was not able to talk about the ongoing investigation.

On an unrelated side note, a friend of mine who is a CBSA agent working in the Vancouver Mail Office has told me that they have started to not allow airsoft upper receivers as well as lowers through the mail. They also now send back paintball guns that are obvious replicas of actual firearms, such as some of the Tippman BT4 series, which I find rather odd.
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